Frequently asked questions

What is Rhys-Thomas?

Rhys Thomas specializes in the design and manufacturing of grain machinery and grain processing plants. Rhys Thomas shares heritage between Rederick Metal Industries and Sabina de Ingenieria, thus combining both expertise in the grain machinery design and sheetmetal manufacturing. Rhys Thomas is founded by the Thomas family, sharing an engineering and devotion for the creation of products that are in relation to the agricultural, forestry and food chain.

Where are your machines made?

Our grain equipment is designed and made from our manufacturing plant located in Nicaragua, Central America. From here we are able to source a great deal of components from the U.S that are utilized on our machines, and also it allows us to quickly position our lineup wherever you are through our offices in Miami, Florida.

I need an equipment but I see you don't see it on your site, can you make it?

If the equipment you are looking for is related to grain processing, most chances is we already have an equipment that can work from you. The idea is to be introducing a long list of equipment lines we already work to Rhys Thomas, so if you don't see it on the site, please give us a call and we will more than glad discuss your needs and the best approach to your solution.

Are you able to export?

We have a lot experience exporting our machines. We export all of our machine through our offices in Miami mainly to Latin American and Caribbean markets. If you are in another area, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss a proposal that includes cost effective logistics.

Is the shipping in the U.S free?

All of the products that are found on our website store come with free US Shipping to the lower 48 States.