Feed Mixers 

Horizontal Batch Feed Mixers

The horizontal ribbon mixers from Rhys Thomas are the ideal equipment to efficiently produce homogenous mix from granular and dusty raw material bound for cattle feed, chemical, mining, and construction industries.

The mixers can be upgraded with liquid injectors for ingredients such as oils, sugar cane molasses, and chemical additives of varied composition.

Our mixers operate under the principle of fierce load agitation by the combined movement of the load in multiple directions and differential velocities.


Starting at  $15,599.99


The external ribbon extends from the main rotor, and pushes the load length-wise, at the same time it raises the load in a combination of vertical and oblique movements, which angles and velocities change variably, thus, producing multiple stroke zones giving a thorough mix.


An inner ribbon brings the load in the opposite direction, at the same it produces the same movement effects previously described above.

The load, composed of stock and additive materials, achieves a homogenous mix in a very short time.

Our mixer is comprised of a batter style container of a semi-circle profile, fabricated of steel gauges strong enough for long operational life. 

Inside this container, is a main rotating shaft with two opposite (outer and inner) ribbons.

The width of the ribbons is carefully balanced to achieve a similar flow between them despite the difference in the sweeping radius of each.

At one end of the shaft, sits a reduction gearbox linked to a power source through pulley-belt transmission setup.


Custom made mixer for coffee plant in Nicaragua, Central America



*: CWT (US short hundredweight=45.359237kg).

**: Output rate based on milled corn. Density 603 kG/m³

***: Power output rated for electric motors only. 

****: Dimensions are approximate.


-Dimensions are approximate.


Bigger Mixing.


Get in touch with us to address bigger mixing requirements. Our mixers can go as big as 87,000 lbs of feed mix per hour with heavy-duty structural frame and mechanical components.