The RHYS THOMAS CHMM Hammer Mill is the suitable equipment for the operation of reducing particle sizes, in dry non-fibrous materials, such as grains (Maize, sorghum, wheat, soybean, cocoa, peanuts, etc.), seeds, cereals, non-metallic minerals, etc.

It works under the principle of partitioning particles of a certain size, into a greater number of others, of smaller size, due to the impact on them of hard metal hammers.

This mill has a hammer rotor, mounted on bearings or directly on the shaft of a motor. Surrounding this rotor, forming a grinding chamber, there is a perforated sheet, screen or sieve, through which the already ground particles with a granulometry less than the diameter of the holes pass. The rotor-grinding chamber assembly is housed in the body of the mill, which has several access and maintenance points inside it.

* Hammers constructed and heat treated with steel that reaches a high level of surface hardness.

* Balanced rotor that allows low levels of vibrations.

* The wrap screen maximizes the efficiency of the grinding process.

Hammer Mill CHMM-300

Electric Power
Hardox Liner
Magnet Plate
  • Manufacturing material: Carbon Steel

    Mill Includes:

    - A set of hardened hammers with heat treatment.

    - Bar lining.

    - Three screens with 1/8 ”(3.17 mm), 3/16” (4.76mm) and 1/4 "(6.35 mm) hole diameters

    - Triangular structural base made of carbon steel

    - Discharge duct with flange

    Approximate grinding capacity: 682 kilograms per hour

    * Capacities based on 720 density corn with 13-14% humidity and 1/4 "diameter hole screen

    Engine Power: 5 HP

    Rotor speed: 3,600 RPM


    * Length: 670 mm

    * Width: 530 mm

    * Height: 1,075 mm


    Hardox liner

    Magnet Plate

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